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Our Company

Who Are We?

We are an Australian owned and operated company with strong ties to the company, Algae A.C. Our relationship has built a great pathway for us to be able to import and sell the product in Australia. Giving the benefits of the highly reputable European product to the people of Australia.

Facilities & Location

The Algae A.C processing facilities are located in the second biggest plain in Greece, the plain of Serres, three kilometers south from the town of Nigrita.

Across this plain lies 20,000 square meters of greenhouses, laboratories and packing rooms.

The area is rich with natural springs and has the longest duration of sunlight in Northern Greece (285 days per year).

The Bio Spirulina is produced on the freshwater of the geothermal field of the Therma-Nigrita area. It is produced under excellent conditions and hygiene. The high quality water combined with natural sunlight creates the ideal conditions to allow the Spirulina to grow and retain all of its valuable ingredients.

Packaging is handled in a safe and hygienic matter by a specialized pharmaceutical company.


Our products are certified organic by a third party. Third party certification means
that an independent organization (Green Control) has reviewed the manufacturing
process of our products and has independently determined that the final product
complies with specific standards for safety, quality and performance (EU 834/07 and 889/08).

You can view our Green Control certificate here.